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The Freelancer's Discovery Call Blueprint

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Get the exact calendar invite, emails, and scripts I use in my own sales calls as a freelancer to quiet the fear butterflies and successfully land new clients!
You’ve got a potential new client who’s interested in talking to you — but the panic kicks in when it’s time to get on the phone to talk turkey. 

The idea of a sales call makes your stomach churn and the imposter syndrome starts to bubble up. 

“A sales call! What am I supposed to talk about on sales call?

I too hated the idea of sales and the last thing I want to do is come across like a slimy used-car salesman who just wants to take their money…

"What if they don’t believe that I know what I’m talking about? What if I sound like a complete idiot?"

"Ugh, I should just send them an email with prices…"

"Why do I need to get on the phone? I hate talking on the phone…"

Sound familiar? Don’t worry, I get it.

When I first launched my studio and was booking sales calls left and right, I heard the same voice and had the same doubts.

But after awhile, I created a routine and I cracked the code on the initial prospective client call and not only did I no longer DREAD those calls, I started to land so many new clients, I had to start a wait list!

The Discovery Call Blueprint is a 25+ page ebook that’ll walk you through exactly how to initiate, host, and follow up after your sales calls, or as I call them — discovery calls.

You’ll get the exact emails, phrasing, and steps that I still use today in my own discovery calls for my studio and grow to serve the hottest startups, world-renowned tech companies and Fortune 200 brands, and the fastest-growing small businesses. 

These techniques have led to me working with big names in the technology and ecommerce industries. And they’ve taken the stress out of that first phone call with a potential new client – that’s a big WIN-WIN!!

You'll get...
  • Understanding the goals, mindset, and ‘why’ for discovery calls
  • Do’s and don’ts of successful discovery calls
  • How to pre-qualify a potential client for budget
  • How to initiate and invite a potential client to a discovery call
  • The exact calendar invite I use that’s taken my no-show rate to almost zero and sets the tone for a professional and healthy working relationship
  • Pre-discovery call checklist to make sure you’ve prepared and you’re ready to rock
  • Discovery call client notes (printable!) template to guide you during your discovery calls
  • Step-by-step instructions and scripting for you to host a stress-free and fruitful discovery call that feels natural and still accomplishes the goal of landing that client
  • The art of the follow up and what to do AFTER the discovery call to seal the deal
You will get a PDF (101MB) file