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I'm a high-ticket freelancer and the founder of The Fulfilled Freelancer.

I started freelancing and found fulfillment in building a business that supported what I wanted my life to look like. ‌ ‌

My mission is to help you create a fulfilling freelance businesses – whatever that looks like for you!

— Kathleen Smith,

The Fulfilled Freelancer

How I got started freelancing

My freelance journey all began years ago when I started freelancing as a way to make some extra cash from my graphic design and writing skills.

I didn't know that what I was doing was called freelancing and I definitely didn't know that you could make a living as a full-time freelancer. After I graduated, I set aside my freelance work for a full-time role in marketing.

‌One thing led to another and before I knew it, I had been recruited to join a well-known startup in San Francisco as the director of marketing. It was a dream job in many ways and I learned so much about marketing, tech, and how to scale a business quickly. 

But when the startup was about to be acquired, I found myself wondering what was next for me.

I was curious what it would be like to start my own business... so that's exactly what I did in 2016.

I quickly learned that I was still able to work with the Bay Area startups and tech companies that I loved working with but now I am able to do so without the burnout of long work weeks, commutes, and city life. I'm also able to choose to work with brands whose values match my own and take on projects that fulfill me creatively.

Finding balance through freelancing

After some time, I realized that freelancing had created flexibility in my life that I'd never had before as a full-time employee. I found that being my own boss allowed me to do life on my terms — I have been able to focus on my well-being and the things that I value most in my life: my relationships, travel, and health.

‌Dealing with chronic health challenges is easier when you can rest when your body tells you to rest and to build your schedule around the times that you tend to do your best work.

Freelancing has allowed me to reach a level of fulfillment, peace, and balance in my life that I didn’t even know I needed.

‌But don't get me wrong – freelancing isn't easy! It's not just fruity drinks by the beach in Thailand.

To build a fulfilling, sustainable freelance business requires grit, determination, and dedication to continuous improvement of your skills, processes, and tool sets.I struggled with entrepreneurship in the first few years of full-time freelancing before I really hit my stride.

I searched for resources to help me figure out problems, develop my professional skills and improve my freelance business but I always came up empty-handed because the freelancer "gurus" that I came across didn't actually teach me how to grow my business.

So I piece-mealed information, took some wild guesses and struck out more than a few times as I fumbled my way through entrepreneurship to build my marketing services studio.

I'm still making mistakes as a business owner but I've come a long, long way. I've built a solid, thriving freelance business that supports the life I want to live... not the other way around.‌

So I started The Fulfilled Freelancer with the mission to help other freelancers reach their goals.

I decided to be the freelance business coach that I was seeking during my own early days and never found.

‌That's why I'm here to help you build the fulfilling freelance business you've been dreaming of – whatever that looks like for you!

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