Freelancers, let’s build the business you’ve been dreaming of.

Your freelance business should support the life you want to live — whether that’s hitting financial goals, creating a flexibility schedule, or building a purpose-driven business. I'm here to help you make it happen.

I'm here to help you make it happen.

Higher Income • Better Work/Life Balance • Happier Client Relationships

What does fulfillment look like for you?

What does a fulfilling freelance business look like for you?

Is it to build a thriving roster of happy clients that pay you what you’re worth as a freelancer, professional, AND business owner?

Does fulfillment look like stability and predictability in your freelance income from long-term clients you love working with?

Or does fulfillment look like better work/life balance and flexibility to create a schedule that really works for you?

Maybe fulfillment means that you’ve invested into your client management skills to create healthier boundaries and stronger relationships with your clients so that you can deliver stellar service without sacrificing your sanity?

Whatever fulfillment looks like for you on your freelance journey, I’m here to help you get there with training, tools, and resources to equip you with what you need to achieve those very same freelance goals that inspired you to get started in the first place.

Allow me to introduce myself

Hi 👋 I'm Kathleen Smith

I’m a high-ticket freelancer who’s here to help you find fulfillment on your freelance journey with the resources, tools, and coaching that would have accelerated the growth of my own freelance business.

Five years ago, I was a director of marketing at a well-known startup in San Francisco. When my startup was about to be acquired, I felt ready for a change of pace as we moved from SF to Kentucky, where my husband grew up.

So I started freelancing while I was taking some time to figure out what my next chapter would look like.

Plot twist: I’ve been self-employed ever since!

Today I continue through freelance through my marketing studio, Kathleen Smith Studio, as I continue to serve high-growth brands of all sizes – from small businesses to tech startups, and even the Fortune 200. I’ve worked with household name brands and some of the largest, most prestigious enterprise companies in the world… all from wherever I’m living at the time.

Freelancing has proven to be a wild and fulfilling ride for me and it can be for you, too.

I believe so deeply in the benefits of freelancing that I’ve made it my newest mission to bring my experience and guidance to other freelancers like you so that you, too, can fulfill your freelance goals from boosting your income to achieving healthy work/life balance.

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